Me, anyaenya

Hi dear, my name is Anya and welcome to my

Honestly, I started “on-off” blogging since 2013 when I was excitedly arranging an online portfolio/visual diary to pursue my career in media.

As time goes by, since 2014 I run my personal business English Studio in Kampung Inggris East Java, and I very enjoyed it. In the same time, I felt lost my energy as a newbie blogger and prefer to write in my little hand-writing diary, yes it is me diarist 🙂

Since then, I tried to get back to this “outcast blog” and focus on maintaining with my random stories. And, hopefully I will be consistent to share my happiness, because life is (always) surprised me a lot especially being Kedirian from Jakartans xoxo

One day, if you want ask me something please contact me at

Stay safe, stay healthy and always ‘have a nice day people’.

Sending love and light.


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